Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Chemicals are Active and Plentiful

Written by Jesse Quam

The visceral and compelling paintings by Berlin artist Mario Mankey at the Swinton and Grant Gallery In Madrid, Spain last month were mind shifting. His ability to capture the raw essence of the human form is mesmerizing. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Incomprehensible Digital Movement

Written by Jesse Quam

This blog is for those that have appetites for humans that write rhymes without crimes.  The person engaged in the digital age that has minimal rage.  People arising to believe that we can receive whatever we conceive.  A Human, that leaves many impressions of a resolution on the evolution.  To all the explorers of the fifth dimensional spectacle continuing to gather an abundance of knowledge and wisdom.  Yes, and to the individuals who continue to develop their artistry.



Monday, November 21, 2016

Politely Transform Into the Abyss

Toxicity is everywhere these days.  But, in the mist of all toxicity there is a beautiful nature to life. I was in grade school when I first started drawing the skull and cross bones. Not because I had a purpose or desire to symbolize toxicity or poison. I was interested in skulls because they looked cool on skateboards. However, when tattooed on the forearm its apotropaic power helps an outlaw biker cheat death. Maybe this is why skateboard companies started using them in the first place. Anyway, this is my fifth skull I’ve created in the past ten years. I thank Powell Peralta for creating an amazing series of interesting skateboard art for so many years. #Bonesbrigade


Zombie Zombie - Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Flamingods - Rhama

Raging Art On

Join us the 2nd weekend of December for Gamut Gallery’s annual holiday shopping event! #RagingArtOn is five days of floor-to-ceiling “uncurated” artwork and handcrafted merchandise from more than 50 local artists. Come for the art; stay for the party – every night features local DJ’s spreading the good holiday party vibes.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Amanda Weber, Ana Taylor, Andrew D. Wiechman, Angel Hawari, Barret Lee, Beatrix* JAR, Benjamin Wuest, Bethany Birnie, Biafra Inc., Boxy Mouse, Brant Kingman, Brookita Corazón, Cassie Garner, Chromanttica, CL Martin, Don White, Erik Farseth, Erin Sayer, Fabrik Marge, Jacob Eidem, James Kloiber, Jennifer Hunt, Jesse Golfis, Jesse Quam, Jodi Bee, Josie Severson, June Moon, Kate Renee, Katie Anne, GOAT, Cheeky Hendricks, Lauren Ries, Lindsey Rivera, Linnea Doyle, Lizardman, Mari Navarro, Matthew Huck, Micah S. Ailie, Miles Taylor, Morgan Pease, Moustache Jim, Phaedra Odelle, Pseudo Manitou, Rachel Andrzejewski, Rachel Schroeder, Renee Chartier, REPO, Rodrigo Oñate, Russ White, Shanna Allyn, Scott Seekins, Tierney Houdek, Tony “Etones” Larson, Wundr, Wyatt Peterson, Yuya Negishi

DATES & HOURS: Wed – Sat, Dec 7th-10th, 1-10pm  & Sun, Dec 11th, 1-5pm

A holiday sale in a gallery setting, Gamut Gallery provides a fun-filled, consumer conscious alternative to chain stores and mass mall shopping with the 6th annual shopping event, Raging Art On. Described as an “art-happening meets holiday party meets pop-up boutique,” an “uncurated” art experience awaits the adventurous shopper on the hunt for the perfect gift for the artist, musician, writer or other creative maker on their holiday season shopping list. This year, Gamut has extended the annual sale to include an additional day, which means five days, extra hours of epic rummaging and, of course, more time to enjoy the party. We’ve hand-selected the 50+ local artists involved, but they decide what to show and where to show it. What results is a gallery packed from floor to ceiling with paintings, photography, prints, collectibles, handmade apparel, jewelry, housewares, and more.

The five-day-long event will see performances from DJs James Patrick, Modwell, Danny Sigelman, Juleana Enright, Bobby Kahn, Tony “Etones” Larson, Jesse Lingenfelter, and The Headspace Collective. Come for the art; stay for the party.
Raging Art On reflects Gamut Gallery’s ethos of community, collaboration, the art of the happening and eco-consciousness. Gifts for sale at this event are handmade locally and are in harmony with the values of those concerned by mainstream holiday effects on our environment and our world — landfills, factory and shipping-caused pollution, issues of outsourcing and fair trade, consumer culture, etc. Raging Art On offers a place to join like-minded people together through art, music, performance and conversation.

Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

ZULUZULUU - Fall Behind

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Fuse Is Lit

A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved. –Kurt Vonnegut

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Unseen Oyster

Written by Jesse Quam

 I felt this desire to create playful art and foster a style that would resonate feelings of joy.  My first exhibitions in Minneapolis, MN encapsulated this emotion with vibrant color, shapes, and forms.  Then we move into the 18th year of creating art and exhibiting new work, and the style is getting tighter.  Focusing on perfection rather then execution was holding me back for the past three years.  Proudly I'm announcing today that the playful, vibrant, and unique work returns after a six year hiatus.  The experience of exhibiting my work at a contemporary art gallery stifled my desire to create, because my work had a profound disconnection with the audience in this particular space. I believe it took leaving the country and connecting with artists that create similar work to see clearly once again. It was a life changing experience to meet so many talented artists in Spain. I feel honored to have my work on a exhibition poster for the first time in Barcelona Spain.

Minnie / Bluntz - Fuck Off!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Where Is My Mind

Written by Jesse Quam

I started sketching three weeks ago. Then it hit me!  I remembered a series of paintings that I created ten years ago. The paintings were peaceful and gave me feelings of joy.  I decided to re-create the old and give it a new spin. To illustrate, I've posted an image from my sketchbook.